Manhua Dragon Throne

Nom Original: 神龙王座

Origine: Chine

Statut: En Cours

Date Sortie: 2021

Type(s): Shōnen

Genre(s): Fantastique, Surnaturel, Aventure, Combats, Arts Martiaux, Webtoon, Science

Artiste(s): Pikapi

Auteur(s): Yanmen

Âge conseillé : +14 ans

Adaptation En Animé: NON

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After passing through, he became Ao Fan, the eldest prince of the East China Sea Dragon Palace, inherited the East China Sea Dragon Palace and became the new generation of East China Sea Dragon King. At the time of the crisis, Zhuo Fan found that he had turned on the system and could add something to everything! "God blocks and kills the gods, meets the ghosts and beats the ghosts. Whoever refuses to accept, kill them!" Lead the declining dragon clan to rise, fight for hegemony and confine the gods! [hr]